Pastor Mike Ray

Pastor Dan Carr Sr.

Pastor Alan Bartlett

Pastor Cecil Ballard

2018 S.M.I.T.E.

“It’s The Homestretch”
Proverbs 23:18a

May 27th – June 1st

Applications are available HERE !

Ladies MODESTY Visual HERE !



Bible Lesson

“Discovering Jesus”

Missionary Story
“Mary Slessor” 

home_imageS.M.I.T.E. is a week long, annual event where young people from across America meet to be trained to minister to boys and girls through 5-Day Bible Clubs, Good News Clubs, and other child evangelism outreaches.

S.M.I.T.E. is not a typical camp, but an institute. Each day consist of the following: Training, Bible club demos, 5-Day Bible Clubs and Preaching.

At S.M.I.T.E. there will be no sports activities, swimming, or any kind of activities that would be associated with a youth camp. S.M.I.T.E. is designed for young people that have a desire to be trained in the work of the Lord, especially in the field of child evangelism. The preaching is direct, and very HOT!  Those that are easily offended don’t need to come. Only the King James version of the Bible is used throughout the camp. S.M.I.T.E. stands against all forms of rock, country western, contemporary, and so called honky tonk bar room gospel. We do not allow immodest dress and contemporary styles and fads. We also stand against “dating” as it is practiced in our culture. We teach and preach that young people should find the right mate through courtship, which involves both sets of parents. “Boyfriend-girlfriend” relationships are not allowed at S.M.I.T.E.

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